6 Tips to Buy a Used Laptop Without Fear of Being Conned

6 Tips to Buy a Used Laptop Without Fear of Being Conned

6 Tips to Buy a Used Laptop Without Fear of Being Conned

Now the era is all online. Online shopping, online work, even online school. Well, because almost every activity is done online, a laptop is definitely one of the inevitable gadgets. Compared to computers, laptops are much more practical because they can be carried everywhere. The problem is, the price of a laptop with complete specifications sometimes also drains the pocket. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have it. There are many tricks that can be done so that you can buy a leptop whose specifications are according to your needs and the price is right in your pocket. One way is to buy a used leptop.

Even if used, the laptop can still be used optimally as long as the product purchased is not problematic. Maybe you are confused about how to get a cheap high-spec used leptop. Well, to make your search easier, here are Hipwee Tips, part of some tricks for choosing a used leptop so you don’t get fooled by the outward appearance.

It’s a bit difficult to get a used laptop with the right price and specifications, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In addition to diligently checking the availability of goods in the forum for buying and selling used laptops, the following tips can also be used as a guide
Getting a used laptop price below 1 million is not impossible. If you are observant, you can get it. Especially if these simple tips can actually be put into practice or at least serve as a guide. Here are tips for choosing it.

1. Buy it at a trusted store, especially if you buy online or online

It’s better to buy a used laptop at an e-commerce or electronic goods store. If you really want to buy from an online used laptop selling forum, it’s better to use the COD or Cash on Delivery payment method to minimize the fraud mode. If necessary, ask for recommendations from friends who understand used laptops, maybe they know where to shop or forum that sells products at low prices but still of high quality.

2. Choose a used laptop that has not been used for a long time

The longer it is used, the laptop’s performance will also decrease. To minimize the possibility of damage, choose a laptop that has a maximum lifespan of one year. To check the age of use, you can ask the seller or see the purchase receipt at all. No matter what you need, don’t rush to choose a laptop that lasts more than one year if you don’t want to regret it later.

3. Don’t forget to check all laptop hardware conditions before paying for it

When COD later, check all laptop hardware, whether visible or not. Here are some things to check:

  • Check the details of all laptop bodies including the LCD, whether there is visible damage or not. If so, then the selling price of a used laptop should be cheaper.
  • Try the trackpad and press all the keyboard keys to make sure if everything is still running fine or not.
  • Play audio to check the quality of the sound produced by the speakers.
  • Try plugging in the USB and laptop charger to check the port and battery life.
  • Run the webcam to ensure its quality.
  • Turn on the mobile hotspot to make sure whether the laptop can connect to wifi or not.
  • Check the type and size of RAM used
  • Make sure the hard disk capacity is sufficient and in accordance with the required size.

4. Even though it is used, the laptop must also be free from viruses and the operating system runs well

Make sure the operating system is active and running properly and also check its authenticity. Before taking it home, used laptops must also be free from viruses. If the laptop you purchased does not have an antivirus application, try checking it using Windows Defender — for users of the Windows operating system. Click this site if you need information about art artisttoursgroup

5. Do some price research before buying the laptop

Before buying, do some price research by comparing one store to another. Make sure the price of the laptop matches the market and fits the brand and specifications. If you get an offer for a laptop that is much cheaper or unreasonable, don’t be tempted. This could even be a fraud mode.

6. To be more sure, choose a used laptop that has an after-sales warranty

Although there are many shops buying and selling used laptops closest to where you live, not all of them have after-sales warranty service. The point is that used laptops that are sold still have an official warranty or distributor warranty or from the shop they bought it from. The average laptop has a maximum warranty period of 2 years, so it’s better to choose one whose age is below that number. As mentioned earlier, choose a laptop that has a lifespan of less than one year to minimize damage.

Used laptops that are purchased must also be adjusted to your needs. For example, you only want to use it for typing or use it for special work such as design or video editing. If you’re really looking for video design and editing, it’s better to choose a used Core i7 laptop with a higher processor.

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