All You Need to Know About Responsive Web Design

Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings, help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. Dr. Morris is an innovative instructor and was awarded the Harper College Glenn A. Reich Memorial Award for Instructional Technology in recognition of her efforts. She received the 2006 Blackboard Greenhouse Exemplary Online Course Award for use of Internet technology in the academic environment. She was chosen by the Instructional Technology Council as the recipient of their 2008 Outstanding e-Learning Faculty Award for Excellence. She was instrumental in developing the Web Development certificate and degree programs at William Rainey Harper College.

We’ll advance your knowledge and skills beyond static pages and tackle powerful, complex web design applications. Reshape your perception of the web with the concepts behind designing and building data-driven websites and apps, and solve challenges from real workplaces. At the end of the year, you can choose to put theory into practice on a year-long industry placement. The modules in Year 1 will set you up with a great foundation for the following years.

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You will ultimately develop an online portfolio website and two client briefs. Data Driven Designcovers the theoretical foundations of data analysis for user experience design together with the practical aspects of applying existing methods and tools to large data-sets. Undertaking the complete role of a data analyst, you will progress from the initial processing of a raw data-set to the final visualisation and recommendations derived from the data analysis.

It looks goods, saves us money and most importantly it brings us more orders! A first class service provided by an approachable, plain English speaking and very able team. Our team has expertise in design, development, marketing, SEO, Pay-per-click advertising and more. They help you render content and adapt it to various factors such as screen size or resolution.

  • You will be taught by staff who are passionate about student learning and development and who have recent experience in the software development industry.
  • Andrew and the team at Wight Computers have been incredibly helpful to our small Island charity, Pan Together, which runs the community centre in East Newport.
  • Upon graduating, you will be equipped with the ability to take on a responsible role and start a successful career.
  • As well as a many smaller but locally established companies providing web and other digital services to media and health concerns.

Projects based solely on literature review activity and/or user/market surveys are not acceptable. In this module you will develop your knowledge of Cloud Computing, its development tools and techniques, and of deploying external web services in web sites using Application Programing Interfaces . Cloud Computing is a disruptive technology that is lowering the entry threshold for new web initiatives. In this module you will gain an appreciation of how business and industry can use Cloud Computing to leverage innovation and business advantage, together with the technical skills to support such developments. You will also develop skills in analysing real cloud costs for non-technical colleagues.

All we had to do was to write the content and get some images together and John took care of the rest. He quickly got the website up and running and we are just so pleased with it. Our websites operate on a cloud hosted clustered service in a top London datacentre, meaning your website is extremely fast and highly reliable. If your first language isn’t English, you’ll normally need to undertake an approved English language test and ourminimum English language requirementswill apply.

BTEC QCF Extended Diploma Level 3

It treats the theory and practical techniques required to implement such systems on commonly used IoT platforms. You will cover aspects of IoT architecture and topologies, sensors and actuators, IoT Standards and Communication Protocols, personal and pervasive sensing, IoT Security and security standards, and IoT applications. The specific content of the module will include web programming techniques and libraries, authentication methods, and the programmatic use of Web Services such as mapping services and social media. You will develop your knowledge of design by gaining understanding of the principles and concepts upon which design depends.

Responsive website development and design specialization

You don’t just walk up to a stack of cash and grab everything you can since it would be against all banking regulations. In banking, an ATM serves as an interface to guarantee that you only withdraw money from the proper account. The construction of your website forms the initial impression of your company. It enables you to create businesses that are tailored to the demands of your target market. You may bring consumers from all over the world and spread awareness to as many people as you wish. It’s also your digital sales representatives promoting your services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This module will introduce you to the fundamentals of coding for the web, the core algorithms and data structures that you will deal with in the business world, and how to ensure that your code is secure and correct. You will learn how to take the fundamental algorithms and data-structures and apply them to solve small-scale real-world problems. The module will enable you to expand your knowledge of a number of programming languages for software development both on the server-side and in the browser. The aim of the module is to provide you with a broad introduction to the core areas of artificial intelligence with a focus on applications, tools and technologies used in building intelligent systems. You will learn how intelligent systems allow computers to represent, process and learn from data. You will also explore current and future applications of AI and how various AI techniques have been used to solve practical problems.

Wednesday afternoons are normally reserved for sports and cultural activities. The course is informed by industry from start to finish, and employers are brought in throughout the course to provide you with the challenge of live briefs to put your skills into practice. There’ll also be opportunities to undertake employer-led workshops, as well as hear from guest speakers in industry. We only ever share data with companies involved in helping us communicate with you or helping us to manage your data (examples include; Online forms, Printers, Postal services, other University partners etc).