Framework Laptop (2022) review: the repairability dream

Tech companies are notorious for promising modular, upgradable devices and failing to follow through. So, when Framework announced its completely upgradable thin and light laptop last year, including replaceable ports, bezels, and even (gasp) mainboards, everyone was understandably a bit


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Mimecast Certificate Compromised By Solarwinds Hackers

The best approach to find out which format you prefer is to go to a retailer and check out them out. Be careful to verify not only the screen size, but in addition the …

Best Tablet 2021

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Collectively, tablets have made quite a few technological advances and gained increasing reputation in enterprise BYOD environments. These sometimes have a display that rotates 180 levels and may be folded to shut, screen up, over an integrated hardware keyboard. Convertible …

Laptop Reviews And Lab Tests

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However, we expect the MagicBook greater than makes up for its adequate screen with decent productiveness efficiency, ultraportable design and incredible battery life. In addition to the same CPU, graphics, storage, and Wi-Fi tests used for laptops we additionally consider …