Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Life?

Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Life?

Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Life?

Artificial intelligence is commonly found today in everyday life. Without realizing it, people depend on artificial intelligence (AI) in their daily lives. Any field of work becomes more practical and can be completed quickly because of the use of AI-tech devices.

What are some examples of artificial intelligence in life?

Artificial intelligence is a computer system designed to have human-like intelligence. This computer system is embedded in a device or website to carry out activities according to the human mind (cognition). Artificial intelligence actually works better, as can be seen from the lack of device errors during activities.

What are some examples of AI that people often use in everyday life? Let’s look at the various examples of the application below.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner is proof that artificial intelligences helps people with homework. This automatic vacuum cleaner has a series of navigation sensors. These sensors help the robot adapt to the situation of the house while moving. There is also an active time sensor so that the robot vacuum cleaner only moves according to the set time.

Apart from vacuum cleaners, you can find applications of artificial intelligence in other household appliances. Automated glass cleaners are another example of this application of artificial intelligence.

Social Media Algorithm

Have you ever subscribed to a newspaper or magazine from the same mass media and enjoyed the content? Social media algorithms work that way too. When you look at your social network homepages, you’re going to see content with which you often connect.

Artificial intelligence plays into social media algorithms and displays the content you read frequently. This algorithm is more visible when viewing the explore page, you will get similar content that you usually consume.

Online Banking

The banking system also applies AI systems, especially those that already support m-banking. The QR code feature in the banking application directly scans the barcode of the destination account precisely when transferring money. The pop-up message that appears to confirm transactions is also an example of AI.

AI also fulfills the offline banking world. For example, banking equipment that serves to detect fraud or forgery of signatures. To know more about home construction you can visit this site ecoceco

Website Marketplace

Can see artificial intelligence on the marketplace website when the product search results match the needs. Visual search or the basic image search feature also uses AI.

Your behavior when shopping or accessing the site that monitored by this AI system. As a result, this website provides product or shop recommendations according to your activities or needs. The AI ​​system also works when tracking package delivery to its destination.

GPS Features

The main function of the Global Positioning System (GPS) as a navigator that supports by artificial intelligence. In order for the results to be accurate, GPS uses big data in the manufacturing process. The reason is, that GPS must record trips in the world in detail just to make it easier for us while driving.

The success of GPS in detecting traffic jams is also the fruit of artificial intelligence. GPS also provides an estimated time of arrival at the destination thanks to this technology.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, which is the leading marketing choice, is actually based on artificial intelligence. AI technology detects user tastes and activities while surfing the internet through the cookie feature. As a result, internet users get advertisements and information that is relevant to their needs.

On the other hand, this benefits businesses or digital marketers. AI technology owned by search engines or social media is able to target its ads to the right users.

Patient Medical Records

Artificial intelligence is also present in the hospital sector, especially in the field of patient medical record data. With this feature, the hospital administration team doesn’t have to bother looking for the files they need. The advantage is, that if you don’t find the original data from the document, you can back it up via digital data.

Doctors can also feel this advantage when examining patients. They can see the medical history of the patients they are examining without having to change rooms.

Nothing is impossible if you use artificial intelligence for your work. You can also create AI-based tools for company work efficiency or consumer convenience. However, you must have a deep understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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