Internet: Definition and Differences Intranet, Extranet

Internet: Definition and Differences Intranet, Extranet

Internet: Definition and Differences Intranet, Extranet

Internet- In this day and age, we are required to understand the benefits of the network because the network is an interconnection that connects us to know the world. A lot of information in cyberspace makes us continue to grow. The network is very important for us to get along and to know our competition in a business.

The definition between the internet, intranet, and extranet.


Intranet is the company’s internal network that builds it by using net technology. The architecture of the intranet is a web application and uses the TCP/IP protocol.


The Extranet is a corporate intranet network that wants to expose its information to outside networks.


While the Internet (Interconnected Network) is a global communication system that connects computers and computer networks around the world.

The difference between the internet, intranet, and extranet.

At first intranet, technology came along with net technology. The difference is in the use of firewalls for local intranet networks connected to the net, in order to protect the information system assets owned by the company from external attacks. This allows the intranet to function properly independently of the network because the intranet does not connect to outside networks.

In other words, the difference between an intranet and the net is in terms of usage. Applications and information from the intranet are only for the company itself, while the internet is for the general public or around the world.

The components of the formation of the intranet are

  1. Browser app
  2. Server computer
  3. Network device
  4. TCP/IP Protocol
  5. Programming language
  6. Client computer
  7. Development tools for local network management.

The technology that connects a PC or computer network to the net, among others, is the Public Line (general line) and Dedicate Line (internet special line).

Public Line (public line) using dial-up technique through PTSN, GPRS technology, CDMA, DSL, ADSL, ISDN to PLC. Then, this technology uses a device called a modem that functions as a liaison/connection to an internet service provider (ISP).

Dedicate Line is a special line that is only used for information superhighway connection purposes, the connection can use cable media (leased line or terrestrial). Wireless (Wifi, Microwave, WIMAX), Frame relay, VSAT, and MPLS.

Thus information on computer networks about the meaning and differences between internet, intranet, and an extranet, with the information hopefully can explain the meaning and at the same time distinguish between internet, intranet, and extranet.

And can understand how the technology is used to build a net connection (connect a local network to the internet), and get to know wireless technology to build a LAN and internet connection.