Slow Internet connection Makes Panic? Do These 4 Easy Ways!

Slow Internet connection Makes Panic? Do These 4 Easy Ways!

Slow Internet connection Makes Panic? Do These 4 Easy Ways!

Internet connection- Everyone would agree that smartphones and the internet have become primary needs for activities. Almost all activities, whether for professional purposes, looking for information, or just looking for entertainment, cannot be separated from smartphones and internet connections to be able to access them.

Therefore, it will be disastrous if suddenly your internet network is slow when you need it. Hey, don’t panic! If you have this, you can do some of these ways so that your internet Internet is back smoothly.

1. Switch to airplane mode

If suddenly your internet network is lost or weakened, then airplane mode can help you improve network quality. When airplane mode is activated, your network will automatically cut off all internet networks connected to your phone. When airplane mode is turned off again, your phone will search for a new network which is expected to restore the quality of your connection.

2. Close and delete applications that are no longer in use

Many applications open on your phone will add to the load on the RAM load. This can cause your internet network to slow down because there are still many applications running. Close applications that you no longer use, or even uninstall applications that you rarely use. That way, your RAM load will be more and the internet connection will be smoother. Click this site if you need more information about accessories jewelry karendiamonddesigns

3. Clean unnecessary widgets

Widgets are indeed useful as your “shortcut” to access applications on the home screen or smartphone front display. However, most of the widgets on the home screen can make your internet connection slow, because your network always connects to the data provider server even when the smartphone is on standby. Removing widgets from the home screen can help you achieve maximum internet speed. Plus, your battery will also last longer, you know!

4. Check your internet network settings, do you have 4G yet?

Have you done the three things above but your internet connection is still slow? It’s time to check your network settings. Have you used the 4G network yet? The 4G service network offers a connection that is twice as fast as the 3G network, so your internet experience will be faster. Browsing information, looking for work materials, or streaming videos and music and playing online games will run more smoothly.

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